Honda Insight

Hybrid cars are becoming the smarter choice for more Americans.
As the first gasoline-electric hybrid sold in the U.S., the Honda Insight is proud to be the original hybrid. And it's still the most fuel-efficient. At 66 mpg,* the EPA named it the most fuel-efficient vehicle in its class; and the Insight holds the title as the overall fuel-efficiency leader in America. The sporty, fun-to-drive Insight makes owning a hybrid convenient as well, since you never have to plug it in. Own an Insight, and experience how three decades of Honda environmental foresight are still paying off today.

The Honda Insight: It's Good to be First

With the introduction of the Insight in December of 1999 Honda made yet another entry in the book of firsts. We became the first automaker to introduce gas-electric hybrid technology to American consumers. The Civic Hybrid—the first truly mainstream hybrid vehicle—followed in March 2002. Together, the Insight and Civic Hybrid captured four of the top five slots in the 2004 EPA fuel economy ratings.

Why choose a hybrid? This remarkable technology allows you to take advantage of the convenience of gasoline, while enjoying the cleanliness and efficiency of electricity.

Why choose the Insight? For starters, the Insight earned the highest EPA Fuel Economy rating every year from model year 2000 through 2005. This is partly because Integrated Motor Assist (IMATM) puts together the power of a compact, 1.0-liter, 3-cylinder gasoline engine and an ultra-thin electric motor. A lean-burn** fuel-injection system and VTEC® (variable valve timing and lift electronic control) technology also improve power and economy.

Finally, superior aerodynamics and a low drag coefficient round out the fuel-efficient package that is the Honda Insight. All that adds up to an incredible California Air Resources Board (CARB) emissions rating of ULEV (Ultra-Low-Emission Vehicle) for MT models and SULEV (Super-Ultra-Low-Emission Vehicle) for CVT models. With ratings like that, the question becomes: Why not Insight?

**For manual transmission only. *Use for comparison purposes only. Actual mileage may vary. Manual-transmission model only.