Auburn Cord Duesenberg Museum Gets New Classic Cars - The Auburn Cord Duesenberg Museum would be holding their very first Annual Auburn Cord Duesenberg Museum Benefit Extravaganza and as part of this event, the museum would be actually having a live automobile auction.

How To Avoid Buying A Lemon When You Buy A Car - Buying a new car is a heavy investment, and a car's purpose is basically to take you from one destination to the next safely and fast, and comfortably.

Toyota Yaris Get New Rostra Cruise Control System - The newest batch of Toyota Yaris, which has been produced for the model year 2006 to 2007, would be receiving a new high technology feature.

Why Buy A Hybrid Car - For anyone interested in saving money at the gas pump and helping the environment, the new hybrid cars are an excellent choice.

Windshield Repair Experts - Windshield repair experts are qualified technicians who handle and fix a windshield damage or chip.

Should Poland Be Looking Forward To More Chevrolets - There have been reports of General Motors planning on building Chevrolet vehicles and cars in Poland.

Steering Wheel and Pain - Do you have hand and wrist pain when you drive your car? Did you ever wish the steering wheel would turn as easy as when there was real power steering? Do you know the difference between power steering and power assist?.

Pack Your Bags For The th Annual Sturgis Motorcycle Rally - Whether you will be making your inaugural trip to the 66th Annual Sturgis Motorcycle Rally in Sturgis, SD on Aug.

Proper Car Washing Polishing and Waxing from the Experts - It is amazing the number of people that don?t know how to properly clean or polish and wax their cars.

The Old New And Loved Chevrolet Corvette - The cars are in many colors like sunset orange and silver grey.

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