Steering Wheel and Pain

Do you have hand and wrist pain when you drive your car? Did you ever wish the steering wheel would turn as easy as when there was real power steering? Do you know the difference between power steering and power assist?.When you drive for a short or long distance do your hands, wrists and elbows ache? You can have tendonitis, arthritis or any kind of joint and tendon disease.Computers are notorious for creating these problems and we have to live with them on a day to day basis.I want to educate you about sensitized steering.

It is a special steering device that is added to your car.There are only a few authorized garages that perform this kind of transformation for cars.When I bought my new car over ten years ago the steering was to strong for my very sensitive hands. Neither the car salesman nor the manger informed me about the very important information about the handicapped program.

I found later, they were uneducated to the programs their car dealer ship carried.I had to find out on my own by calling many handicapped places until I found the place that could help me. When I finally took my car in for this work I found out the car dealer paid the whole tab except for $100.00.If the car dealer would have been educated to their programs offered by their company I would have been a satisfied customer.

What we have in place now on our cars is Power Assist steering and even though the tag on the window reads power steering it is not. If you are old enough to remember when there was power steering in cars you will definitely recognize the difference as soon as you turn the steering wheel.Before you buy that new or used car and you have hand pain find out if your car can be converted to sensitize steering.It will be well worth the money for you to pay if a used car. If is a new car let the dealer pay.

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By: Linda Meckler

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