Everything You Need To Know About Fox Go Karts

Fox go karts are known for the brand name that they have become however very few know about the Fox go karts history. Most go kart fans and followers know that Go-Kart is a brand name of the little machines that were made in the early 1900s. It was generally known as a dune buggy as they were made to drive over sand dunes and be able to rip around with little consequence. The Go-Kart company manufactured these dune buggies under the company name of go kart but that was not the original intention of the name and as many things, the brand name kind of stuck on and from that point on, these little dune buggies are now called go karts synonymously everywhere throughout the world. Funny what one little company can do for a small relatively simple machine and Fox has done nothing except grow into a huge conglomerate that today still manufactures and sells these fine machines. In 1962 the company that manufactured these filed for chapter six and went out of business and no one knew for sure what would come of the Go-Kart or the dune buggy interests.

However, soon Fox emerged out of the ruins of the bankrupt company and are still thriving today and selling more Fox go karts than ever before. Today Fox still outsells any other manufacturing company of go karts hands down. Fox Go Karts and Vintage Go Karts Fox go karts, since taking over the Go-Kart Manufacturing company has built older vintage models and they sell like hotcakes at breakfast time.

They are beautifully restored or duplicated to resemble the vintage except with better parts and better quality so that they last a lot longer than the original ones did. If you are wondering if you can obtain one of the many Fox go karts you most certainly can and they have over a hundred types of go karts as well as they custom design and build them to your specifications. The Fox line up is quite expensive so you'll have to dig deep in order to purchase one but once you do, you'll never go back to karting any other way except in the Fox way, due to the smooth riding and easy handling that they offer as well as they are generally pretty comfortable.

If you decide to go out and buy yourself a Fox Go Kart, then you should know you are in good hands and your going to have a lot of enjoyment out of riding your new go kart.

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