How Can Car Insurance Discounts Help Reduce Your Bills

Everyone wants to get the cheapest car insurance available dont they? The cost of running a car now is becoming scary, with the price of gas as it is, and its certainly no fund when the car insurance bill arrives to make it worse. What are some things you can do to reduce your car insurance costs? There are quite a few things, but Id like to look at car insurance discounts. It is not well known but car insurance companies offer all sorts of discounts to car insurance policy holders. These discounts help reduce the cost of the policy and therefore reduce your car insurance costs. Although these discounts exist the car insurance companies dont immediately offer them to you however, and to get them you often need to ask.

It is estimated that the insurance companies take millions of dollars in premiums each year which they would not if policy holders got all the discounts they were entitled to. So here are a few ideas for you about discounts. Remember always to ask if you qualify for these, they vary from area to area and company to company.

No claims or renewal discount. Probably the most well known of all, a discount for having a clean insurance claims record. Over time, up to a certain point, your percentage discount will increase for a clean record.

Anti theft devices. Each year the car insurance companies pay out hundreds of millions of dollars for claims related to auto theft. Anything which reduces the risk that your car will be stolen will reduce their risk that they will need to pay a theft claim.

So if you have an anti theft device this may well result in reduced premiums, if you ask about it. Advanced driver training. A more skilled driver also results in reduced risk of accident. So if you have undertaken an advanced driver training course then this may well reduce your premiums, especially if you are young. Often with things like advanced driver training and anti theft devices the reduction in premium can, over time, pay for the extra costs involved in getting these things. Multi policy discount.

The insurance companies want more business, and so if you have an auto insurance policy with them, and have a home insurance policy as well, you may well qualify for a discount on both by holding them at the same company. Multi vehicle discount. Exactly the same as above. Hold policies for more than one vehicle at the same company and you may well get a discount. Low mileage discount. If your vehicle only drives 5000 miles a year that reduces the risk to the auto insurance company.

If you do few miles then let them know and see if you are entitled to a discount. Thats just a few but Im sure you get the idea. The car insurance companies will reward things which reduce their risk or increase their business with discounts. But you often need to ask, they dont always volunteer them. So when your next renewal comes remember to ask about discounts.

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