Hydrogen Generator Car Kits Can You Run a Car on Water

Due to the present oil crisis and the ever spiraling cost of gas, you have probably heard a lot of talk about Hydrogen Car Kits and how to run a car on water. When I first heard about these so called fuel saving devices, and the seemingly fantastic ways to make gas mileage improvements I must admit I was very skeptical, after all "cars that run on water"? Sounds a bit fishy. But after doing a lot of research and some surfing on the internet I began to realize that this whole "hydrogen generator for car" thing was not as fantastic as it first seemed. Now the first question that comes to your mind when thinking about how to run a car on water is just how could it be done, and where do these hydrogen car kits come in? Well read on and I will try to explain. The whole concept of cars that run on water obviously sounds impossible; until you realize that you are not replacing the regular gasoline in your fuel tank with water and running your car on water alone. (That would be impossible).

What really happens is that these hydrogen car kits use electrolysis to change a small amount of water into hydrogen and oxygen (HHO) a highly inflammable gas. This electrolysis is a process where electricity is used to change a small amount of water into HHO or brown's gas. As water is made of both hydrogen and oxygen the 2 hydrogen atoms get separated from the oxygen atom, basically converting the water into 2 flammable gases. The electricity needed for this is supplied by your cars battery. This gas is then taken into the airflow on the intake manifold of your car where it is mixed with the regular gasoline from your fuel tank. The result is a very fine hydrogen enhanced mixture that burns much more thoroughly and efficiently.

This in turn leads to better combustion, lower exhaust emissions, and great gas mileage improvements. Now the next question I hear you ask is, are these hydrogen car kits expensive? Well the simple answer is NO. As I said I have been doing a lot of research and I have found several of these kits available for $150 or less.

There are also complete guides that show you how to make your own hydrogen generator for car by using simple parts available from your local garage or auto shop. And you don't have to be a mechanic to put it together, anyone with basic skills can do it, it's that easy. Also due to the versatility of these hydrogen car kits they can be used on almost any make or model of vehicle, not just cars but trucks and SUVs as well.

Once it is constructed it fits neatly under your hood taking up very little space. And they are completely reversible if you ever wanted to remove it. So if you want to make some real gas mileage improvements to your car, you can, because you now know how to run a car on water.

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