Keeping your car in its best condition

Buying cars whether if it is sparkling brand new or some used cars from car auctions is exciting. But no matter what sort of method you use; buying on the lot, through the car classifieds on newspapers or online, you will still have to keep your car in A1 condition to get the best out of it. Polluted and dirty engine oil, transmission fluid, and anti-freeze are going to cause problems for your car, and if you have not thought about changing your brake fluid, then perhaps, it is time. Brake fluid delivers force to various parts of the brake when you step on the pedal, you know it has to be topped up, but how often does it have to be changed? Brake safety is a subject that I have touched on before in an earlier article and I wonder how many times you think of changing the many fluids in your car.

One of the paramount considerations that you must make as a responsible owner of a car, is the constant maintenance and servicing. Whether your car is old or new, an expert service for the proper maintainance of your vehicle is necessary. Two sites that I have logged into online with many tips and hints for proper car care and maintenance are and OzFreeOnline.

com. If you want to know anything about your new or used automobile then visit this sites who are particularly savvy about all the models and makes of a vehicle. You will be glad you did, because the information you will find will be invaluable. According to experienced drivers, mechanics and some agents who sell used cars suggests that brake fluid, for the everyday family cars, becomes contaminated in less than two years. Brake fluid absorbs moisture, which works its way through the hydraulic system. Under heavy braking conditions, such as when towing a trailer, driving in a very hilly or mountainous area, the moisture in the overheated fluid vaporizes (boiling point of water is lower than that of brake fluid) and braking efficiency is reduced.

Even when buying automobiles, whether new or second hand cars, it is important to ask for the cars service history from the used car dealer or owner to determine if that car had any problems with the brakes. The used car values always increase if it is properly serviced and maintained. Not only is the fluid vulnerable to vaporizing, it also can freeze. Even under normal driving conditions, this situation can develop if the brake fluid is seriously contaminated. It is necessary for the brake fluid to maintain a stable viscosity throughout its operating temperature range.

Being too thick or too thin causes impaired braking action. Beyond the vaporization hazard, moisture creates an additional problem for owners of vehicles equipped with anti-lock braking (ABS) systems. Corroded ABS components are very expensive to replace. For the old used cars with no ABS, the best tip is to always drive safe and at proper speed to avoid car problems.

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