Learner Drivers need to be Shown the Way by their Parents

There is currently worldwide scrutiny of Driver Training activities and regulations as respective Governments and Transport Ministries finally realise that learner Drivers are not magically going to transform themselves into competent, safe and conscientious drivers! Parents can play a major role in preventing serious and fatal accidents long before the Rule of Law takes over.Learning how to behave in a car as a child is the very first step in Driver Education and unless a Parent sets the rules of engagement and boundaries that cannot be breached they will inadvertently be encouraging disruptive behaviour long before the first learners permit or Provisional License. Any disruptive behaviour in a car should be met with the pausing of the journey to read the riot act!.

Many accidents are caused by too much high spirits and by too many passengers in a car driven by a Learner Driver, particularly at night. Even an experienced Driver will not be able to concentrate fully on the job at hand if there is a commotion going on in the car.Virtually every State in the America is evaluating its' licensing laws and regulations at the moment as more and more young drivers take to the road and then obliterate themselves and their passengers, often at night after celebrations.

In Australia and New Zealand tougher measures are being rolled out to control reckless and Drink Driving which clearly is a global problem! In Ireland it is estimated that alcohol plays a part in one third of all fatal accidents!.The European Union is bringing in continual changes to Driver Education regulations and the format of Driving Tests. In fact in Europe currently, mandatory Tuition before sitting a Driving Test is the norm as is the Regulation, Monitoring and Testing of Driving Instructors and Schools.The recent announcement of the Regulation of Driving Instructors in Ireland is to be welcomed but it is long overdue and is only now being recognised as an integral part of the solution to the ever increasing level of accidents and road fatalities!.The cost of accidents to the Irish Exchequer is reckoned to be around ? 1Billion per Annum.

You don't need to be an Einstein to realise that a fraction of this figure, if spent on Driver Education (and re-education for miscreants) would pay handsome dividends.However the improvement of Road accident statistics can easily begin with a change in attitude of all existing Drivers. It is too late for a Parent to complain of the lack of Government Regulations after a Son or Daughter has been killed!.Parents have a responsibility to guide their offspring to sensible decisions regarding Driving Lessons, choice of cars and certain other critical motoring standards, such as restricting the number of passengers carried until the Driver is competent.

Late night Driving is a recipe for disaster where Learner Drivers are concerned.We will wait anxiously to see exactly how the new Driving Instructor and Driving License proposals are enacted and what means of enforcement are employed.

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By: Robin Piggott

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