Make Your Car More Green

If you have been to the pump lately it might be your wallet that makes you want to go more "Green" with your car then before. As it relates to the environment automobiles account for 20% of all greenhouse gases emitted into the air. How ecological friendly you handle your car is one of the best ways to reduce your carbon footprint. Still the only way to offset your carbon footprint is to plant trees.

Listed below are the Top 10 things you can do to make your car more "Green." 1. Buy a Hybrid Car or Green Car Yes, it doesn't take rocket science to understand that if you buy a more environment friendly car you have reduced your carbon footprint.

Hybrids now come in sedans, SUV, and luxury vehicles. If buying a hybrid right now isn't in your budget choosing a car with excellent gas mileage is going to make a big difference. 2.

How You Drive You drastically increase the fuel you consume and the emissions your car gives off when you accelerate quickly and stop quickly. Driving the speed limit and more smooth as it relates to aggressive driving through the city will save on your gas bill. Also, the more you can take care of all your errands in one trip is better than many short trips to the store. 3. Keep Your Car in Shape Regular tune ups of your car will keep your car producing less greenhouse gases, using less gas, and prevents future trouble.

It is estimated that if every American's tires were properly inflated to the right level we would save 3 billion gallons of gas every year. 4. Offset Carbon Footprint You can plant trees to offset the greenhouse gases you are emitting each year. Planting trees is the only way to offset your carbon footprint. 5.

Carpool If you have been on the freeway during rush hour you see all the commuters driving by themselves. Not only will you drastically lower your impact on the environment by carpooling you get to go in the carpool lane, as well. 6. You Don't Need a Car for Everything For short trips you can take your bike or walk.

With cars we don't even think about the other ways we can travel; we just hop in our cars and off we go. Many store items can easily be carried on a bike with a backpack. Also, you can get an electric scooter to get places faster. 7.

Drive Half Way For some trips walking or your bike isn't the complete answer. Driving your car and then getting on mass transit or driving your car and then parking to then go on your bike both work. Many times if you are going during rush hour, driving until the traffic gets thick and then going on your bike will get you there faster than sitting in the bumper to bumper traffic. 8. Use Less AC Using a windshield protector can reduce how hot your car gets allowing you to use less air conditioner in the car. Turn your AC on low instead of high uses less gas.

Don't forget to park in the shade to also keep your car cooler. 9. Use the Web With the easy access to the web these days you can have video conferences, send email, and buy your products online.

A video chat can be just as good as a face to face meeting without using gas and your car. 10. Go without a Car For those that are willing to take it on it can be done. You would be surprised with a change in thinking how it is possible for some to go without a car.

Using physical transportation like a bike and mass transit can get you around. Also, for those that want to it may be important to live closer to work or the stores you need or making your work day virtual so your home is your office. Copyright (c) 2008 Charles Carter.

Erase Carbon Footprint offers services to plant trees to reduce your carbon footprint.

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