Pimp My Ride Hottest Show On TV Today

Pimp My Ride is a popular television program produced by MTV and involves taking a car that may be in bad condition and restoring as well as customizing it and, in its original form, was hosted by rapper Xzibit. The focus of Pimp My Ride is to choose young car owners between the ages of 18 to 24 who are living in the Los Angeles/Southern California region and, normally, the show begins with a participant showing his or her car to MTV to try to convince them of the need for it to be "pimped". Once this has been done in Pimp My Ride, then rapper Xzibit pays a visit to the owner's house and after a careful look and some wisecracks about the defects in the car makes the owner a promise of completing its restoration. Then the car is transported to a custom body shop of either West Coast Customs or Galpin Auto Sports (GAS) where their shop teams put in new components and parts and generally give the car a complete makeover, right from the interior to its exterior.

Every car selected on Pimp My Ride has been customized for the owner, keeping in view his or her interests and personalities. This may include getting a complete new paint job for the car, changing of accessories, getting chrome work done, changing the tires and rims as well as internal electronic add-ons such as DVD players, video games and TFT screens. However, the makeover in Pimp My Ride is mostly cosmetic in order to just get the car to function once again though there have been instances when the entire engine has been replaced with higher performance engines. While the majority of cars get customized work done on them, there have been a couple of occasions when the car was simply in too bad a shape.

One such instance was when the car was actually two parts of a Ford Escort that had been welded together to form a single unit and this car was thought to be too unsafe for the makeover. On another episode, an auto mechanics student had put together a vehicle that was clearly impossible to pimp, without jeopardizing the safety of the owner. In both cases to give both owners a brand new car with extensive customization for its new owners. Pimp My Ride is hugely popular because of the colorful personalities of the participants, especially the West Coast Customs' staff and owner. In addition, there are also fancy electronics involved as well as tough interiors and the presence of experts such as Alex, the tire expert, and the paint and body expert, Buck which adds more flavor to the show.

The main attraction of the show is that it answers the dream of all of us who dream of having a car that everyone wants to get a closer look at, instead of hoping no one notices us driving it. For drivers of old beat up cars, there is hope.

Pimping a ride was inspired by the Pimp My Ride TV show. Drive on by the site to learn more more about pimping your ride. http://www.pimpingaride.com

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