Protect Your Belongings By Investing In A Quality Truck Canopy

While a truck canopy is primarily used to cover the cargo that you're hauling from place to place, you might be surprised to learn how versatile it can be. Untie it from where it's attached to your truck, remove it from the vehicle, and you now have a durable cover that can serve a variety of different purposes. With it's tough construction, waterproof and weather resistant fabric options, and variety of colors, styles and sizes to choose from, your truck canopy can be an invaluable accessory to both your on and off road habits. Truck canopies can serve as a great way to get protection from the elements. Stay dry from the rain or cool off in the shade by using your canopy as an awning, anchored to the side of a dwelling or hung above a porch to provide refuge the way an umbrella would. You can feel assured that since canopies are designed to be tough, sturdy enough to transport rugged materials like rocks, sharp pebbles or gravel, they won't blow over or collapse the way other, more flimsy coverings could.

Another lesser known use for a canopy is as a swimming pool cover. Mesh canopies are ideal for this, as they are light, buoyant and can resist the harsh rays of from the sun. Canopies made of this material also allow water, like the rain or melted snow, to pass through the surface, not accumulate and weight it down. Ready to find the truck canopy that's right for you and your lifestyle? There are many to choose from, but a few recommended canopies include the following: TUK-IT Retractable Canopies (Range Rider Truck Canopy Specialists) A perfect choice for your pick up truck, this canopy includes a customizable fiberglass cab spoiler that can be painted to match the color of your truck.

Made of waterproof fabric and convenient to store, this canopy is also retractable, which means you won't need extra hands, or time, to use it. Manage it yourself in just a few seconds time. EZEE Truck Canopies are ideal for the outdoors, plus this canopy is tough enough to handle the extremes, both in terms of what you're transporting and conditions like the weather. It's made of tough, ultraviolet resistant material, an aluminum frame, top of the line fittings and a sound base.

With more than a dozen different colors to select from, this canopy is perfect for storage, hauling needs, camping, and travel adventures. Beltex Truck Canopies, constructed of less expensive P.V.C or canvas, with or without windows, and optional side access doors, depending on your preference, Beltex Truck Canopies are assembled to your specifications.

Choose the type of material for structure and the blueprint for your design and Beltex will deliver, and install, a canopy built to please. Beltex also can complete metal works at your discretion.

Gregg Hall is an author living in Navarre Beach, Florida. Find more about this as well as truck parts and accessories at

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