Summer Tires For Your Vehicles

So you are the proud owner of the vehicle that boasts of a number of safety features? But at the core, it is the tire of the car that maintains the ultimate safety and stability of the car. So it is of utmost importance that you choose the tires with care and caution. The tires of the car should match the conditions of your driving.

What is the terrain type that you drive your car on? What about the weather you drive only in the hot and dry summer days, or do you require to drive your car on the days when the roads are covered with the snow and are extremely slippery? You have to consider these questions for a safe driving experience. The summer tires are specially designed for the summer driving. The temperature of the summer days put additional stress on the tires; add to it long distance driving, heavy loads and high speed, and the performance of your car severely drops down in the warm weathers of the summer days. To avoid this situation you need to install in your vehicle sets of summer tires.

These tires are equipped with a softer rubber compound. This ensures improved traction, especially when high speed driving is cornered. These softer rubber compounds also see to it that the summer tires have a longer life span and better performance for the dry weather conditions. On the other hand, they fare poorly in the wet weather conditions with shallower water channels. So far as the summer tires are concerned you should take good care of certain things: Before setting out on a drive check carefully whether there is any mark of wear, damage, bulges, or tread separation on the tires. Also make sure that your vehicle is properly inflated.

You can find out the ideal inflation pressure of your car on the pages of owner's manual or on a label fixed in the glove box. However, there are differences between the intended inflation pressure and the maximum inflation pressure that is shown on the side of the tire. The tires will last longer and the car will also deliver a fuel efficient performance at the recommended inflation pressure. Over inflation on the other hand may lead to serious accident.

Also take good care that your summer tires have enough tread and that they are wearing normally. You should immediately replace the tires if they are low tread or bald.

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