Talking About Windshield Woes

Of course, we all know what a windshield is and we also all know which part of the vehicle it actually is. Take a look at your vehicle and the front window of your vehicle is the windshield. Although if you travel to other places, you would learn that this is also referred to as the windscreen.

For most vehicles manufactured and produced today, they make use of windshields that are crafted from laminated safety glass. This safety glass is made up of two curved sheets of glass.Keep in mind also that between these two sheets of glass is actually another layer of plastic. This has been laminated between the two sheets so as to provide safety.

The whole contraption is actually glued to the frame of that front window. Compared to early vehicles, the windshields were actually made from toughened glass. To keep them in the frame of the window, they used rubber or neoprene as seal.If there were no windshields in vehicles, we would all be suffering from the attack of the wind, of dust, insects, small rocks, and even road debris. In a sense, the windshield not only serves as a part of the whole system to enclose the occupants inside the vehicle. It also protects everybody from such elements.

That is why it is very important that we keep our windshields clean. With all the dirt, grime, dust, and bugs getting splattered on the windshield, the windshield itself could look pretty nasty. With the help of windshield washer fluid, we can get our windshields to look clean and clear again. The windshield washer fluid is actually a cleansing agent. This is distributed on the entire windshield by tubes that are controlled by the driver.The wipers then work to wipe off all the dirt.

To refill your car's windshield washer fluid, you should first locate the windshield washer fluid reservoir. It is found under the hood and it looks like a large and clear plastic container. Most of the time, you can find a symbol of two spurts of water on its cap.

If you think that the fluid level is way too low, then fill up the reservoir up until the fluid reaches the rim of the reservoir. And when this is done, you can put the cap back on.It is important that you continually keep your windshield washer fluid reservoir always filled.

You would not want to be caught dead with a dirty windshield during a drive.

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By: Sarah McBride

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