The Tire Pressure in Your Car Could Save Your Life

Did you know that properly inflating your car tires could save you up to 10% in your fuel economy and that over 75% of the cars on the road do not have proper inflation in their tires? Its true, but even more important is that properly inflated tires save lives and prevent accidents on our highways and city streets. Cars have better performance and better handling when the tires are properly inflated.The Auto Industry; Car Dealers, Manufacturers and Service Companies each year band together to educate consumers during national tire pressure week.But it is not just once a week that you need to be concerned about tire pressure. You need to be careful the other 51 weeks in the year also you see? Here are the recommended tips on tire pressure from NADA the North American Auto Dealers Asssociation;.

Buy a tire gauge and keep it handy in your car at all times.Check your tire pressure at least once per month, and especially before a long trip.During wet weather, slow down.

Rotate your tires every 6,000 miles.Check your vehicle alignment periodically.Inspect and measure your tire tread.Check the tire sidewalls to make sure there are no gouges, cuts, bulges or other irregularities.Make sure you do not overload your vehicle because it can create excessive heat inside your tires.Have your tire balance checked periodically.

Please be smart about tire pressure to protect yourself and your family, as we do not want you as a statistic this year. Additionally consider it your prime motivator to save that 10% or more in your fuel costs. Proper tire pressure saves gasoline and that means better gas mileage and less pain at the pump.Consider all this in 2006.

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