The Trucker Talk and General Trucking Information

Truck drivers are professionals who have their own terminology for many different events that take place. They often talk to each other on the CB to offer assistance and information to each other. The most common phrase that truck drivers use that most of us are aware of is the term 10/4. This basically means they have acknowledged what was said and they are signing off. The lot lizards stay in their vehicles to avoid being detected by security.

They use codes on the radio asking if someone wants their chrome polished or their truck detailed. These are code words for various types of sexual favors - yet they can't be charged with anything if a cop hears them say these terms over the CB radio frequency. The truck talk that pertains to safety issues seems to be more standardized across the board. It is the terms that refer to other aspects out there that seem to come with the most variations associated with them. Some valuable skills needed to succeed in the trucking industry Excellent communication skills make a great truck driver.

You have to be able to talk with your dispatcher in order to get the right loads and to work out any delivery or pick up problems. You will also encounter people as you go about your job and you need to be able to get along well with them. Organization is a key skill for successful truck drivers to do.

There is plenty of paperwork that has to be done on a daily basis. The log book needs to be filled out correctly or you can end up in trouble with the law and with your employer. Trip packets have to be completed with all of the necessary paperwork or it can delay your pay for the work you completed. You also have to keep track of your expenses so you are able to use them as deductions on your income tax return. Truck drivers may be male or female, and they vary in age as well as experience. Having many of these skills will help ensure the individual does well in their role as a professional truck driver.

These skills will also help keep the job enjoyable because no one wants to work in a profession where they aren't happy. Working to improve any of these skills will result in parts of the job becoming easier and completed more efficiently. The hours of operation for truck drivers There have been various changes to the laws pertaining to the hours of service for truck drivers over the years.

The most recent changes took place in April of 2007, and they were met with a great deal of controversy. The idea behind these new hours of service is to ensure all truck drivers get enough sleep and to keep the roads safe. Any time a semi truck is involved in an accident, the log book is checked over to make sure they are in compliance with the hours of operation. If they aren't, the driver will likely get a citation regardless of who was at fault for the accident.

These penalties have quickly taught truck drivers and trucking companies that breaking the hours of operation laws just isn't worth it. This is a debate that continues to get more support as time goes on. Many of the various trucking companies, drivers, and trucking industry support organizations continue to build a case that the hours of operation are unconstitutional. They believe it is costing them money and having a negative impact on the overall economy.

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