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Picture this, you buy yourself a brand new 'fully loaded 'Jaguar and just as a sign of your love, you decide to register the Jaguar on your wife's name. Sounds romantic? Well not exactly, until recently our website was pretty much dealing in new and used cars. It was only when one of our registered users decided to sell off her used Jaguar did we realize what a big mistake it is to register a car in one's wife's name.

To begin with, let me tell you about the car in question. The used car that was up for sale was a used Jaguar S type, with a V8 engine and automatic transmission. The car was 'fully loaded' and came equipped with a state of the art navigation system, cruise control, and power assisted steering. Like all Jaguar S types, the car came equipped with the usual features like central locking, climate control and remote central locking. Anyway, back to the story; as I mentioned earlier, the Jaguar was being used by the husband but was registered in the wife's name.

It seems the husband was cheating on the wife and used to pick up his mistress in the Jaguar to boot. It was only a matter of time before the wife found out about her husband's indiscretion and decided to take a little revenge. She dumped a can full of red paint on the Jaguar, and pretty much ruined the paint work.

It was probably later on that the wife discovered that the Jaguar was hers by law, and she decided to 'repossess' her property. Needless to say, nothing could stop her from driving away in her husband's brand new Jaguar and it was only a matter of time before the car was up for sale on our website. What is equally interesting about the whole affair is that a used Jaguar S type costs between 15,000 and 17,000; however the wife decided to sell the car for nearly half the market value.

Although events like the one mentioned above are very rare, there is an important lesson that needs to be learnt. Nothing lasts forever, and one should register a vehicle in his/her partner's name only if they are sure it will not end up on a used car website for sale. What is also interesting about the above mentioned incident is that the wife openly admitted to vandalizing the car, and even gave a reassurance that the paint work can be fixed easily. Although not all cars for sale on our website have such interesting stories behind them, there is a possibility that used car buyers will find cars that will be available at a much lower price than the market. If you are looking for used cars, always look out for deals like the ones mentioned above. People that are relocating to another country or want to upgrade to a better car are always ready to compromise a little on their vehicle's selling price.

How to find cheap used cars A website like is ideally suited for people that are looking for used cars in the UK. It is always a good idea to speak to local car dealers, friends and family members, and visit used cars websites to get a comprehensive overview of the used cars market.

Most used cars websites have a variety of cars on offer, and everything from Jaguars to Vauxhalls can be bought by getting in touch with the seller directly. Look for a website that is not interested in making money on commissions and is genuinely looking to help people find what they are looking for when it comes to used cars. Make sure you look at all available options before buying a used car. For used cars and new cars visit


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