Vehicle Safety Considerations

There are a number of activities that use a vehicle. A vehicle must be respected and used with rules in mind. In order to fully appreciate the activity, there are certain considerations that should be followed at all times.The first and basic rule: Make sure that you know how to pilot the vehicle that you are driving. If you have never driven a vehicle before, and the course is too challenging, say so; your pride should suffer before you harm your friends.Don't be afraid to learn, just be aware of your own limitations and don't be afraid to say so; lives are at stake.

Be aware of the limitations of the vehicle you are piloting! Different vehicles handle different ways. An ATV and a 4x4 may appear to operate the same, but the ATV is more likely to rollover than the 4x4, so remember to take corners wider with the ATV than you normally would.A boat tends to drift more, so slow speeds will prevent crashes when the area you are going through is constricted or otherwise has limited maneuvering room.Don't drink and drive! It will be tempting, especially as the weekend will definitely tempt you break all sorts of rules.

However, this one is not just a suggestion; reaction times are slowed, you will try things that you normally wouldn't, and you are more suggestible. An impaired isn't just likely to be in an accident, but almost guaranteed. If you have had a beer within moments of driving, don't get behind the wheel; hold off for at last fifteen minutes (thirty if you haven't had something to eat recently).

Hold off longer if you can't hold your liquor.This isn't because you're afraid; it's because you may actually want to see those idiots after the trip.Keep your hands inside the vehicle at all times: This is more a consideration for 4x4 passengers, but worth noting in general. A 4x4's speed is such that branches may actually cause injury.

Something worth considering; keeping your hands inside makes sure that branches won't injure them.Wear your seat belt at all times! Some people have this fantasy that they will be thrown to safety if they don't buckle up. As many tests with another type of dummy have shown, that just doesn't happen. A seat belt will save lives, but it has to be worn in order to work.Don't mess with the driver! There is a reason whey passengers shouldn't drink either; it is tempting to mess with the driver as he's steering, especially when steering is important. Don't; it's not a good idea on a lot of levels.

By following these rules, your adventure should be more interesting. However, remember to enjoy your time behind the wheel; it can be a great time!.

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By: Martin Lucchi

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