Why Road Rage Occurs During Hot Weather

Have you ever noticed that most road rage cases happen in the summer time when it is really hot? It is true and you can ask any highway patrol officer about this. It can be bumper-to-bumper traffic for hours, but if the weather is cool, chances of road rage are low.Maybe this is why we call those who commit road rage as "hot heads" because they really are hot and of course their blood is boiling too. In fact one study suggests that road rage is 60% more likely as the temperatures reach 100 degrees and 80% more likely after 105 degrees.But still you ask; Why Road Rage Occurs During Hot Weather? Well, the truth is no one is quite sure why, only that it is you see? As we enter this hot season we will see more road rage and you can if you want to refuse to participate.

How so you ask?.Well it is simple really, when you see someone flipping you off, do not make eye contact and adjust your speed to allow them to pass or go along their merry way. No need to incite the person who has just given you a hand signal as to their IQ level "1" or told you that you are "Number 1" which chances are you already know.Think of it this way if that person is telling you that you are number one, think of him as "Number 2" and if you feel compelled flash him a peace sign so he knows he is only second best to you.

Consider this in 2006.

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By: Lance Winslow

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