Your Tires Are The Foundation Of Your Motorcycle Heres How To Care For Them

The tires of your motorcycle are just as important as the engine. The tires are the only connection to the road. Well maintained tires grip the road and make riding much more pleasurable, they allow the rider to go faster and maneuver better. Tires are often bought because of how they make the bike look.

But beauty is only skin deep or in this case tread deep. Having the proper tread for the terrain you are riding can be the difference between a great day and a trip to the hospital. The backbone of the tire is a carcass. Then there is a layer of cords, the angle of these cords determine the overall strength and flexibility of the tires. If you could look inside the plies of the tire you would notice they form an x shape.

On the outside of this is the tread. The amount of tread determines the use of the tire. High tread or knobby tread is used for off road riding. The smoother tread is used for regular roads or highways. This tread has grooves to channel water and prevent hydroplaning.

Since there are only two tires on it is important to maintenance them and change them at the same time so they wear the same. It usually takes about 100 miles to break in new tires. You should check the air pressure in your tires regularly.

It is the air in the tires that cushions the bike from the roughness of the road. Proper inflation can add life to the tire. The valve stem should be capped with a nice tight fit so they can't come off when driving at high speeds. Tires should have proper balance and alignment.

These two things have the most effect on the handling of your motorcycle. If they are not done properly steering can become difficult or dangerous in some situations. Keep your tires clean.

There are many products on the market to clean tires, even good old soap and water works. Clear the debris from the treads looking for nails or screws, anything that could cause the air to leak. Before you ride it is a good idea to do a quick visual inspection of your tires to make sure they have the proper air pressure and there aren't any cords showing from too much tread wear. You should never mix the treads on the front and rear tire. They should be the same style and tread type. Taking the time to care for your motorcycle tires is as important as changing the oil.

It doesn't take long to make sure they are functioning properly and it will add to the riders' enjoyment.

Gregg Hall is an author living in Navarre Florida. Find more about this as well as Motorcycle Accessories Plus at

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